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              Josef and Sandy welcome you to                Moulamein Lakeside Caravan Park

Clean, Green & Friendly

(Our Mantra)


We are the new owner/operators of the Moulamein Lakeside Caravan Park and look forward to meeting regular visitors and new patrons. Although we will be looking to add our individual stamp on the park with artworks generated by us in our onsite studios, we will not be attempting to alter the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of the park developed by the previous owners whom we wish well in their future enterprises. Sandy is a professional Mosaic Artist of some repute having earned several art awards and distinctions during her stay in Melbourne, while Josef is a relative newcomer to the visual arts in the form of wood carver/sculptor. Josef has been eagerly spying remaining stumps at the park to breathe new life into. We are in love with the lake and the park and hope to remain for the long haul well into our retirement years.


Sandy will begin Mosaic classes, worshops and mixed deals including accomodation as soon as possible after setting up her studios.  Information regarding these classes will be available through the website and on the facebook link soon to be attached. Do not hesitate to call in the meantime to enquire. 


Looking forward to meet you all.

Joe & Sandy.

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