Moulamein Lake



Construction of the town's man made Lake commenced in 1964 with an extension being added in 1984. Covering more than 15 hectares the lake provides for both boating and leisure activities including skiing and is an ideal spot for a BBQ. There is an abundance of birdlife on the lake including black swans, pelicans and ducks. Three shelters have been added with a council free gas BBQ.  


In 1964 the Lake was built by the local farmers and 40 years later, December 2008, it has again been restructured by the local residents. So far they have spent 5 full days in the lake. They have been using their own scrapers, scoops and a bull dozers. It has been amazing how much material they have moved in 5 days, so the expected completion date of the end of January 2009 looks very achievable. They are deepening a section by 3 meters covering an area of 230 meters long by 100 meters wide. They are also tidying up the rest of the lake and creating "Mount Moulamein" in the middle of the lake where the old island was. This new island will be very high I'm told, and already every-one is calling it "Mount Moulamein". Once the Lake has been refilled it will be a fantastic feature for the town residents and visiting tourists. With its new depth of over 7 metres it will be great for water sports, fishing, canoeing etc again